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OFF: Heavy metals in wine, cancer risk from barbecues, plasticisers in olive oil. With all these scandals, the importance of food analysis and its applications have increased enormously.

VO Dr. Thorsten Thiel, Director Marketing & Communication BRUKER:
„For the consumer, the important thing is to have the certainty of quality – and we’re talking about brand protection here. Manufacturers want to protect their high quality brands from cheap products in the food industry and the consumer increasingly demands the right to get the quality that is stated on the packaging, especially for more expensive, high quality products.”

OFF: The international leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, Analytica, presents innovative testing methods and state-of-the-art machines.

Magnetic resonance food screeners from Bruker can test for toxic substances in food or expose fakes. The method is based on the comparison of spectroscopic fingerprints. Toxic mold is a growing problem in the food industry. The fully automated robotics system, Freestyle ThermElute from LC-Tech, delivers a complete automatisation of mycotoxin analysis.

Accupoint Advanced from Neogen is a handheld device that measures ATP to accurately detect cells or fungus on surfaces, narrow openings or rinse water. Despite the increasing perfection of fully automated testing methods the future could hold a very different approach in store.

VO Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, Director Hamburg School of Food Science:
„Quick test methods, that are a bit like pregnancy tests, are becoming increasingly important. You can test with a small stick and get a quick “yes/no” answer. Then consumers can decide for themselves whether to buy the product or not.”

OFF: These quick test methods can be connected to a tablet or smartphone.

VO Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, Director Hamburg School of Food Science:
“That way you are connected to a computer, you are in the internet and you can search databases, which I see as a huge potential.”

OFF: Perhaps analysis chemists will present similar methods at the next Analytica.
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